Lesson Options and Pricing

We offer various levels depending on your needs. Below are activity prices followed by their descriptions.

01 Beginner Package - 5 hrs - $275 US

02 4 Day Beginner Package - 8hrs - $400 US

03 Advanced Lessons - 2hrs - $120 US

04  Wave Surfing or Bodyboard Lessons - 3hrs - $150 US

05 Private lessons - $200 US

Activity Descriptions:

  Beginner Package - 5 hours -  all you need to know to start kitesurfing in the water.

For a more solid foundation we also have a 4 day package of 8 hours, 2hrs/day

Step 1.
1hr control lesson - the first touch of the kite

  • learn how to maneuver the kite and understand the wind
  • how to make use of a harness (on land with 1mtr kite)

Step 2.

  • 2hrs Body dragging - how to setup your kite, launch, safety system in the water bodydrag, we repeat what we learn on the beach with a bigger kite powerful enough to drag you.
  • learn how to drag on your stomach and choosing your direction
  • practice lifting your kite from the water

Step 3.
2hrs boarding -  its time to get up the board and start Kite surfing

  • We give you a ground simulation and tips on how to put the board on and where to place your kite and start Riding
  • You do it in the water

  Advanced lessons
For the advanced kitesurfer we have teachers who have competed professionally who can teach you advanced moves.
Topics covered: Upwind, gibing,transitions, kite in surf, surface handlepass speed kiting, Air transitions, kiteloops.

  Surfing and Body Boarding Lessons - $150 US for 3 hours  
3 hours beginners course, learn how to swim on the board,  stand up on the board, and how to catch a wave in the Caribbean!

  Additional Activities
We also are experts in kitesurfaris around the island, Going to Boca Grandi or Downwinder on the side of the island with beautiful views and great flat spots for kiting. As you know Aruba offers great conditions for both kitesurfing and surfing. Contact us for pricing.
We require a non-refundable payment before your arrival. You can pay with any major credit card . Once payment is received we will contact you to schedule a class time.

About Us

Aruba Kitesurfing School was founded in 2002. Aruba Kitesurfing School is a family owned business with a dynamic team with the best experienced instructors on the island of Aruba. Aruba Kitesurfing School has the first certified instructor on the island, who has traveled all around the world surfing, bodyboarding, longboarding and kitesurfing in all kinds of epic conditions. Skimboarding and skateboarding are also extreme hobbies we enjoy.

We benefit from Aruba’s year around winds and tropical weather.

Aruba Kitesurfing School is also member of the international surfing association and international kitesurfing organization.

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