Awesome Place! Great kiting and vibe from arubakitesurfing crew

Aruba June 6th -13th 2012 Earned a 4 day trip through work and extended it a bit. Kited 6 out of 7 days (multiple session a day) and missed one due to bruised ribs from badly timed trick. Stayed at the Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino (first Resort next to Fishermen's huts). June is supposed to be the windiest month of the year. It blew all week, all night and all day. It was also cooler in Aruba then it was back in Maryland USA. Kited mostly fisherman's huts area but also scored some swell/waves on the other side of the island in Boca Grande. Boca Grande is a 45 minutes from the huts and has a nice set up for waves/swell. Nice change of pace from the flatter water at the huts. I never thought of Aruba as a kite destination, but I have changed my mind. You couldn't go wrong if you wanted to be certain of wind this time of year. With the kiting being right next to a high-end resorts it was a big plus for my girlfriend and I. She was able to take windsurfing and kite lessons and drink fruity drinks under a tiki hut or at the poolside bar while watching me kite. Snorkeling, Standup Paddleboarding and touring the island in 4x4 was great fun. Lysander and his crew had the latest Naish kites/boards and were really friendly. Made my girlfiend really comfortable. Even though I didn't take any lessons Lysander gave me a lot of tips about kiting his home spots. The local kiteboarders rip as good as anywhere. Many cute local arubian and dutch girls kiting or learning to kite from Lysander and his crew. The locals also know how to throw a really cool kite event and party. Hope to come back.!

Rob Levis

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Aruba Kitesurfing School was founded in 2002. Aruba Kitesurfing School is a family owned business with a dynamic team with the best experienced instructors on the island of Aruba. Aruba Kitesurfing School has the first certified instructor on the island, who has traveled all around the world surfing, bodyboarding, longboarding and kitesurfing in all kinds of epic conditions. Skimboarding and skateboarding are also extreme hobbies we enjoy.

We benefit from Aruba’s year around winds and tropical weather.

Aruba Kitesurfing School is also member of the international surfing association and international kitesurfing organization.

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